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40 IADE 40

from 1969 to 2049


1,2,3 October 2009

and Doctoral Tactics Workshop

28-30 September 2009

A Multidisciplinary International Conference held in celebration of IADE's 40th Aniversary!
It is the perfect and one time opportunity to “meet” the “disciplines” you will need and want to “party” with in the next few years!
For the past 40 years, IADE has mainly been a Design Institute. However, over the years it has also developed expertise in teaching and researching in the Visual Culture, Photography, Marketing and Advertising matters.
We are, therefore, calling for research papers about all areas of Design Research, as well as issues that are related with the subjects mentioned above, such as Cultural Studies, Economics, Gender Studies, Communication Sciences, Visual Anthropology and Sociology, Media Studies, Aesthetics, History of Art, Engineering, Architecture,…the list could go on and on.
The Conference's scope main objective is to examine how these subjects have evolved over the past 40 years, as well as explore and foresee how they will progress in the next 40 years.
We would like to cordially address this invitation to all our friends who have visited us in previous conferences.
This is a birthday party! It is IADE´S 40th birthday party!! And for that reason, we want all our friends to be present in such a joyous event!

From this moment on and until the 23rd of December 2008, we are accepting participation proposals as described bellow.
You may participate in 40IADE40's Research Conference by considering one, two or even the three of the following ways:

Participation guidelines:
1. Nominal.
2. By Abstract.
3. By Full Paper.
4. Book
5. Doctoral Tactics Workshop 28-30 September 2008

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